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INSPIRING IMAGE/UNLIMITED BOUTIQUE is an added benefit to those visiting for the purpose of receiving service/conducting business with IDEAS EMERGE Counseling and Consulting PLLC and/or IDEAS EMERGE Inc.  Our goal is to provide items that enhance the services that we provide.  Obtaining some of these items in a therapeutic setting, may allow for more comfort, privacy and overall well being.  We may also offer free items from time to time, to applicable persons. 
Our products may vary, and there is no guarantee that a particular item, or number of items will be available however, some items may be ordered.  Items may vary, from items for the employment readiness program or parenting, to items for those seeking to overcome challenges with self image, and more.  We strive to offer products to suit a variety of budgets and tastes.   Some of our boutique product images coming to the website soon!  Until then, please contact us for products and availability!  

PAY for Assessments/Individual Sessions, Group Sessions and more HERE!

Therapy Assessment/Setup/Consultation
Substance Abuse/Co-Occurring Disorders Assessment/ Initial setup and/or consultation
Price: $150.00 $75.00
Nontransferable Assessment (sub. ab./co-occur. d/o):
Transferable Assessment
Substance Abuse/Co-Occurring Disorders Assessment (Transferable) (if applicable, includes initial setup and/or consultation).
Price: $150.00
Therapy/Educational Sessions
Individual (Be sure to check # required/recommended.
Price: $30.00
Individual sessions:
Therapy/Educational Sessions
Group Sessions (price is per session) (check for # required and availability)
Price: $10.00
Drug OR Alcohol Screenings (separate)
Drug/Alcohol Screenings (price is per screening).Drug Screening is separate from Alcohol Screening.
Price: $30.00
Drug Screening:
Alcohol Screening:
Drug & Alcohol Screening Bundle
Both Drug and Alcohol Screening-must be taken during same session/appt./visit.
Price: $45.00

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