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Inspiring Image, LLC-Holistic Empowerment and Coaching Academy (II-HECA) offers coaching in the areas of: Intimacy, Dating, Relationships, Breakup, Image, Career, Life Skills, Parenting, Personal Development, and more. Our services are oriented towards empowering clients to achieve goals, and assisting clients with maximizing their own potential.  Clients take the lead, defining their interests and goals, and coaches assist by "shining the light" to help them to navigate their own path. Our holistic empowerment focuses on the whole client...what the client "brings to the table" in various areas, that make them unique and whole, and using those attributes to help the client to achieve their specified goal(s) through coaching. We also offer training and certification to aspiring coaches.  OUR COACHING IS NOT, NOR IS IT INTENDED TO REPLACE OR SUBSTITUTE FOR PROFESSIONAL: THERAPY, COUNSELING, TREATMENT, MENTAL HEALTH SERVICES, MEDICAL CARE, DIAGNOSIS, ADVISORY, EMERGENCY CARE, ETC.  

*~No transportation, no time or desire to travel~NO PROBLEM!!! Ask about E-COACHING/ E-TRAINING services, via webcam device (computer, phone device, etc.)~Go to: 

and click "Schedule a Session"

To schedule services, or for more information, please contact us at:



Text/Call: (870)489-7002



We bring a wealth of knowledge, education, experience, insight, and resources, that can be very beneficial to the clients that we serve.  We also offer a boutique that sells resources/products aimed at enhancing the services and programs that we offer. Some items may not be suitable for viewing by all ages, and may be viewed and purchased in a more discrete manner, as an added bonus.


Anyone who feels that they aren't where they'd like to be in an offered area, and would like assistance with their journey of reaching their desired goal(s).  


Holistic takes into account the "whole" person.  Understanding that the "whole" person is composed of various components, that come together to form the whole...Including physical, social, emotional, mental, and spiritual components.


Empowerment is the confidence, courage, and power that is "gathered" to attain a higher level of achievement, or simply excel. Empowerment can be used to excel in school, in a relationship, on a job, in a sport, a discussion, or anything where a feeling of higher achievement is desired.  


Coaching focuses on helping the individual to unlock their own potential.


In addition to providing coaching services, we also offer certification. Those who successfully complete one of II-HECA's certification programs, will receive certification in that area.  There are two programs available: The Life Coach For Success Training Program (This training program provides training that may be used in a variety of coaching areas), and the Intimacy Coach Training program (This training program focuses on adult intimacy coaching).  Most of the training sessions, may be completed online during scheduled days/times.  Contact us for more information or call (870)489-7002.

What our customers are saying

I was amazed at the confidence that I gained by participating in my empowerment and coaching sessions.  The cost was very affordable, and I was able to complete some of the sessions from the comfort of my home. I would definitely recommend Inspiring Image, and I am looking forward to attending one of the coaching certification programs. 

Triana J. - A Very Satisfied Coaching Client

Service Prices

Compare our promotional service packages and find the best fit for you.

Paid Per Session (in advance)


Per Empowerment/Coaching Session

45 min-1 hr Sessions 

*Intimacy Coaching is $60/Session

45 min-1 hr Empowerment/Coaching Sessions

Session fee must be paid as 1 payment

*Non-refundable (Client may reschedule sessions-as in contract)

Pay 2 Sessions (in advance)


Each Session, if 2 Sessions Paid in Advance

45 min-1 hr Sessions

*Intimacy Coaching is $55/Session

45 min-1 hr Empowerment/Coaching Sessions

Sessions fee(s) must be paid together as 1 payment

*Non-refundable (Client may reschedule sessions-as in contract)

BEST DEAL: Pay 3 or More Sessions


Each Session, if 3+ Sessions Paid in Advance

45 min-1 hr Sessions

*Intimacy Coaching is $50/Session

45 min-1 hr Empowerment/Coaching Sessions

Sessions fee(s) must be paid together as 1 payment

*Non-refundable (Client may reschedule sessions-as in contract)

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