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More Substance Abuse Counseling /Co-Occurring

Disorders Related Services

Care Coordination, Brief Intervention (SUD), Assessment (SUD), Treatment Planning, Individual Counseling (SUD), Group Counseling (SUD), Alcohol/Drug screening, Family/Couples Education Group-SUD, Multi-Person (family) Education, Recovery Check Up, Employment Readiness/Training, Continuing Care Counseling, Individual Relapse Prevention Services Educational services, Group Relapse Prevention Services, Parenting/Child Development Education Services, Life Skills, Spiritual Support, Mental Health (as a Co-Occurring Disorder) Services, Childcare and Health Care Education Group

***IDEAS EMERGE Counseling and Consulting, PLLC, IDEAS EMERGE Inc., their affiliates and/or subsidiaries, reserve the right to change and/or discontinue any prograqm(s) and/or service(s), at any time.

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